The Company

Devon Damp Proofing, the Torbay damp proofing company, was formed in 2013 with the coming together of two long established Torbay businesses – Anthony Andrews’ Churston Builders and Ben Hodder Plastering.

The Torbay damp proofing company offers both traditional and chemical damp proofing solutions working with a range of quality suppliers using the latest techniques including Tanking and Cavity Drainage Membrane Systems.

Devon Damp Proofing offer traditional solutions that involve the identification and eradication of damp sources and any associated works required to remedy structures and surfaces affected by damp to bring your home or industrial building back to a stable dry healthy environment.

Where damp sources cannot be eradicated, for example in established buildings where lower floors, basements and cellars lie well below the surrounding land surface, and traditional damp coursing is impractical Devon Damp Proofing can offer a range of chemical damp treatments that provide an effective barrier against sub-surface moisture ingress. Structural integrity is maintained and a safe dry environment is achieved allowing previously unusable space to be fully utilised added  both practicality and value to your property.

This type of solution can also be used in other domestic situations where waterproofing is required such as swimming pools and Koi Carp ponds.

As well as retrospective and curative treatments Devon Damp Proofing can also specify a range of treatments to prevent the occurrence of damp in new build properties and extensions  – from render undercoating that extends the life of exterior finishes to solid floor sealants – Devon Damp Proofing has a solution.

If you live in an area that is susceptible to Radon Gas infiltration we can even even provide solutions that meet Building Regulations and give a seamless passive Radon barrier and a damp proof membrane.