Tanking Solutions

Add value and lifestyle benefits to your property by converting wet or damp basements into useable spaces.

Tanking is the creation of a watertight envelope that works in conjunction with above-ground damp coursing to seal out ground water.

Basement before tanking

A damp basement before tanking – unfit for any practical use.

The same basement after tanking and ready for conversion and use.

Basement after tanking and ready for conversion and use

Negative tanking is applied to floors and walls of existing structures in accordance with BS8102*. The Sovereign Hey’di K11 system used by Devon Damp Proofing is applied directly to suitably prepared surfaces with a final thickness of less that 5mm without the necessity of a supporting backfilled wall or loaded concrete slab. This means no space penalties are incurred by adding additional bulky layers but also lowers the overall project cost by reducing material quantities and labour time.


Traditional method damp proofing involves the addition of additional layers that reduce useable space and are expensive to install.


Negative tanking method used in existing structures resists groundwater hydrostatic pressure and provides a watertight envelope with only a 5mm thickness.

Positive tanking can also be used during construction of sub-surface structures in new build applications to provide waterproofing.


Positive tanking can be applied to external surfaces in new build situations.

*’Tanking’ refers to the application of a bonded membrane to a substrate that will prevent the passage of ground water. This a TYPE A category of waterproofing as specified in the British Standard BS 8102:2009 Protection Of Structures Against Water From The Ground.

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