Positive Ventilation

Devon Damp Proofing can source and install a range of Positive Ventilation devices and systems to improve air quality, reduce condensation, and increase the efficiency of your heating system in your home.

Positive ventilation systems have the following benefits –

Condensation control
Low running costs
Whole home ventilation
Enhanced heat distribution
Musty odours removed
Eradicates mould
Improved air quality
Health benefits for people with respiratory problems
Highly effective and energy efficient
Radon reducing

The Concure unit can either be installed in the loft or wall-mounted when used in a flat. It gently ventilates the home from a position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow. The unit is powered by a highly efficient brushless electric motor and microprocessor controlled according to environmental and user selected settings.

Concure loft fan unit.

Concure loft fan unit.

Devon Dampproofing Concure

Loft mounted Concure unit.

The unit requires a simple filter change every 5 years in a house or bungalow and every three years in a wall-mounted flat installation.

Typical running costs are 1.5p per day for fan only operation and 10p per day with the heater on during cold periods.

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